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the space shuttle or less has landed safely. and this crash in front of our studio new-line tempers are flaring it is get a community meeting. the kron 4 morning news at 6 is starting right now. >> good morning it is a hot one parent
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>> it'll be toasty in the south bay and east bay area will have more on that forecast in a minute. hot inland this afternoon we will be a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. hard temperatures slowly will drop. now at check >> of > we are a problem free and hotspot for re no delays. the metering lights have not been turned on yet. >> has story and videos you will see only here on the kron 4 i cab and a shuttle bus collided in front of
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our studios and you can see the explosion and big bang and around for 10:00 a.m. we got video of this it was an airport super shuttle and a cab. police said one of them may have run a red light it was a high speed it crash as firefighters are putting out the flames. the cab driver will and female passenger were banthose transported to hospital the shuttle driver was shaken up but was ok and not taken to the hospital.
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we're trying have video of of the police addressing a community meeting it was all relating to an officer shooting of that this chairman can show that the key shire deferred searchehe fi. he attempted to >> for over an hour we did remain optimistic he loves the bay community. of vigil and another protest mated to the shooting will be held to mark and yen mother heard the gunshots when she was outside with her six a year-
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old daughter and she is asking for a change in the area we will hear from are in the next half-hour space shuttle i plan as touching down lighting up the night sky in florida creamy the share era to nasa and end. hundreds were gathered there to see it land and did abide to the 30 years space program. the suspects paul mission restocked the space shuttl station. >> that smacker group of
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anonymous say they have stolen material from nato. they are loosely organized weepy weeks hacking. i also have a more information of a newspaper's end of britain that have been accused of if you enjoy the eat into it is a look out at our mt. tam cam and you conceive a son we will be right back
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this is a look of from our walnut creek camera we have an afternoon high of 95 degrees for this area today. it'll be a beautiful day in land air is cooler than yesterday i around 60s along the coast later on this afternoon. a beautiful looking forecast were considering all hot it is
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every well else up around the country. we are going to cool down as we head into the weekend we will have the full forecast coming up. >> it is 610 a m grouper more rock is back in the united states has nucor facias financial challenges. it has to shareholders' lawsuits and a possible downgrade. it sounds a movie studio broadcast network pay tv channels and newspapers around the globe >> this just in from then news from other british tabloids have may be involved with the hacking into phones. the other
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newspaper called the people in they saw people in the news ram hired private detectives to dig up information. the sun has been accused several times of hacking into people's phones. new details on the tigers that were swept away on the waterfall in yosemite national park it is see some clouds out there it is the same as yesterday will be a hot day as soon as the sun comes out we will have the traffic and weather will in just a few minutes.
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low cloud cover up their little bit hazy looks like a good start this thursday this is where temperatures are right now 54 and oakland 57 degrees currently this is a look at temperatures around the bay area currently we do have the fog it is mainly hugging the coastline it will not penetrate to far inland. our temperatures this afternoon are are run a gamut will have 60s along the shore alway into 80s and 90s we
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are riding a little bit above normal renown. this that temperatures we're forecasting for the cities today. this is the above- average members. a quick look of your seven day forecast look how far are temperatures fall it drops to 83 by sunday. >> a much better commute
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then yesterday we have no hot spots and we will check with the bay bridge metering lights are activated and normally at this time traffic is still light. and san mateo bridge looks good and 101 southbound also looked upon no delays on public transportation. >> new details on the three younger people swept over the falls in yosemite national park. park officials said all three are
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assumed dead. they had climbed over a metal barricade in order to take photos she slept and her two friends jumped in to try and savor a memorial was held at their church and they are not losing hope >> they have not found them so we hope they will be brought back home safe. >> family and friends the three remainder of role models and did not take unusual risks >> seatbelts will be installed on all that you see shuttle buses. a shuttle
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bus collided with a big break on thursday killing dr. kevin mack three others were also injured a memorial service will be held for mac this afternoon if you cannot get to the actual service they will simulcast at the hospital cafeteria in university hall. >> nearly 20,000 marijuana as plants word taken out of madonna county park the department of justice found them yesterday's by a helicopter. the plants were nearly 4 ft. tall none of them believed to be mature.
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>> east palo alto has been plagued with a string of murders great scar lar reports >> there is investigating the three homicides in less than a week the latest was it here on camilla court police said a man from upper chest and shot him several times this was a half-hour before another shooting he died at the same they are not say whether it is gang related. all these murders
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are thinking back to the battle in the early '90s police say things are not all that bad right now >> time now 642 a 21 am parent and we were taking a live look at our bay bridge and we will be back. and not
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going whoa!! the really big ch
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stock futures were-jobless claims raised by tens of thousands and profits fell for each bell. president barack obama is now open to short-term extensions for raising the debt ceiling he said he will
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accept that as a possibility if no other plan is proposed to solve the problem. the cut cap and balanced program is not expected to be passed today there is also a bipartisan plan in the works. republicans and alan west sent a nasty e-mail. i would appreciate his apology and i it would hope he would reconsider his ill-advised
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information. we engage back- and-forth when you're on the floor he needs to reconsider his televised appeal of medicare perry we're live with the opening bell in just two minutes
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at the top of the hour these are the big story a cab and a shuttle bus clyde right in front of our studio an aide turned into a fiery crash two people were taken to hospital in the scene has been cleared >> andy of land a shuttle made it safely back to earth it will be on display at the kennedy space center. >> community meeting in the bay view turned nasty. can a party was shot and killed
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and the chief was trying to explain on the studies and tests but he was shouted at by the members of the community >> we have more top stories to talk about let's talk about this letteweather. >> it is less iran now but is going to get cooler. 88 by noontime. we are going to be a couple breeze cooler than yesterday the will have awful lot of the fork pass to a wide coming up a >> an easy ride around the bay area bay area bridges
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are running smoothly the metering lights were not activated until 630 this morning. >> achab collided with a shuttle bus right in front of our kron 4 news room the cab burst into flames it happen of around for 10:00 a.m. it is unclear which car ran i would like they crashed at a very high rate of speed and the cab burst into flames you're watching the explosion that happened right after the crash cras. the driver of the cab out was in
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shock at the passenger in the cab was rescued by a passerby. >> landing gear down and locked. main gear touchdown. >> this is the returning of the atlantis bringing four astronauts back to earth buried this is the finally ending and saying goodbye to a 30 year history for nassau the shuttle and will remain at the kennedy space station and will be on display. he spoke highly of
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his fellow astronauts >> we're going to put it land as in a museum for generations that come after us to admirer and appreciated prepared i look forward to the day a six year-old chide sees the atlantis and tells his father he wants to do something like. if we have another generation of space explores we have done our job. russian space craft will take passengers to the
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international space station during >> a community meeting in the bay area didn't go exactly as planned and he was shouted down by members of the crowd the meeting was in response to a officer involved a shooting police say that he shot at officers first an officers returned fire killing him. >> center cisco police organize this meeting they pass out fliers like this to get people involved in it was a meeting that appeared to go nowhere fast. >> i apologize if you cannot hear me officers responded
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to the scene and once again i do apologize if you cannot hear me. >> you can see and that video it was hard times to hear what was being said chief sir remained optimistic less >> i love this commitment that there are some hurting people in there and they need a year from us and that just means i got to come back again i will be out in the community is just to let everybody get it out and i will be back as much as needed.
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>> as for what is next he will keep on at other events planned approval i know there is a memorial service and a protest scheduled for friday >> 6:38 a.m. the dow is up 29 points and we will continue to look at business news. we are seeing positive results so far so good. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge we will be right back
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>> quick update on weather a mix of '70s and '80s around bay. this may seem odd but is nothing compared to what they are seeing in the middle of the country they are seeing hundred + in the middle of the country and it is slowly migrating to the east. we will have a complete look at the bay area weather >> more people filed for unemployment benefits the job market is pretty weak unemployment claims rose by
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10,000 last week this is the 15th straight week that it has topped 400,000. >> today is the nfl owners turn to end the walkout. the pet and layers past on a vote and they're coming to washington for just that purpose players gave conditional approval and they are hoping to have a final rendition to ratify later on today. >> plenty of sunshine on 101 southbound will see of
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georgia as any hotspots to report about.
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we're back at 6:46 a.m. blue skies this afternoon some low cloud cover and fog along the coast it is pretty clear out there sunny and warm once again high in the '90s in the hotter locations. the fog will return later on in the evening. is going to be a beautiful day. this is a
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look of current temperatures around the bay area as for the fog is breaking up quebec we do not see it playing a factor in our forecast. it will pull back and stay mostly our route long as the coastline we are seeing a slight cooling because of that marine layer. a look of temperatures for later on this afternoon. this is
6:48 am
older seven day forecast by hot weather will end today and starting friday it will continue to cool down. that is the weather now let's check the commute >> great ride out around the bay area and no problems that we saw like yesterday we are not tracking any hotspots for the bay area commuters looking at the bay out bridge meeting lights have been active. san mateo bridge looks good heavier traffic at the top of this er then last. golden gate bridges " problem free and not even fog to contend
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with. >> we have new details from the family of the uninformed and barber that was shot they're claiming officers to use excessive force it was later determined to be as small ski silbert scale officers say about shooting was unjustified. >> i meant that has kidnaps his elderly mother in oregon is said to be in the area
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doors suffers from alzheimer's and dementia at as she is in danger she cannot take care of herself authorities believe he fled and from oregon with his mother to the bay area perry they think he is driving and 964 store oldsmobile with california plates parent >> a quick break right now and a look at these too loudly ladies they say a picture is worth a thousand words it could be of few million bucks and a lawsuit from kim hacker-and and bad and a lot more on the bus
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and this is all look from our mt. tam cam will be back in just a few minutes
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>> lindsay lohan is back in court and ballet. this time there is no major trauma expected. she is set to appear in a routine conference with the judge who is overseeing her case. white as long as she stays out of trouble, her probation may end this year. >> the pictures labeled old navy is not kim kardashian, she is a look-alike of featured in an old navy commercial. kim kardashian is suing old navy
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saying that they're trying to make money off of her, he when it is not really hurt. hot to add insult to injury, the girl on the right is dating kim's x reggie bush. >> a popular television doctor had a problem with pain pills. here to gain or from gray's
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anatomy has checked himself into rehab. stanley roberts is joining us with this morning's edition of >> people behaving badly> this woman is putting out her cigarette on the sidewalk. hockey is actually not the sidewalk, it is the extension, it is the park plant. there are eight separate parklets. this one is sponsored by audi. smoking is not permitted in any of the parklets around the city. this one appears to be a smoker's paradise. to make matters worse, when they are done, they put their cigarette butts in a planter. panhandlers has also taken up shop around
6:57 am
the parklets. this panhandler has decided to stand perfectly still, hoping someone will give them money. it is not working. some skateboarders have begun using parklets as a state park. some people are using the planters as a trash can. i spoke to the san francisco planning commission about my observations and they told me that bonds are in the works. there is a plan to skin board approved the area and signs going up including no- smoking signs. there will also closely monitor these many parks and make adjustments as >> if you know someone behaving badly, e-mail stanley roberts. >> we are back with more than a couple of minutes. here is a
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look at san francisco. a few clouds in the background. plenty of blue skies. yesterday was warm, they will feel the same, even in the city. we will be right back.
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